Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Food Outreach distribution?
North Country Food Bank, Inc. (North Country) is committed to distributing food and other resources to the communities we serve. In order to achieve this mission, North Country is attempting to increase food distribution and ensure equitable access to food by people in need. Food Outreach allows us to increase the amount of food available to hungry families, while supporting the efforts of local food shelves and related agencies to reach more people in need – especially in areas that may need additional resources. Every attempt will be made to effectively serve the community hosting a Food Outreach distribution. Prior to distribution, local partners and other appropriate agencies will be alerted, so they can refer their clients to the Food Outreach distribution.

Which communities are eligible to host a Food Outreach distribution?
Currently, North Country’s focus is on areas that may be considered "underserved." The initial program focus will be on the counties and communities that may benefit from additional food to meet a minimum service threshold. If successful, the Food Outreach program will be expanded to other areas.

Where will Food Outreach be set up?
The location must be determined based upon capacity. The program needs space to handle a distribution of up to 24 pallets of food. Volunteers must be available to help unload North Country's truck, and distribute the food to as many as 300-400 families during the distribution time. Many Food Outreach distributions are hosted by local churches and civic groups. Local food shelves are also encouraged to host or participate in the Food Outreach program.

How will Food Outreach affect the current distribution of products from North Country to partner agencies already in the community?
Food Outreach supplements the food that is regularly supplied and available to people in your community. Much of the product available through the Food Outreach program is surplus food, food that agencies do not regularly order, overstock items, close-dated items, bulk items and other items that are difficult for our agencies to handle and distribute. The items available through Food Outreach will be the same items that have been available to our existing agencies through normal distribution.

Who is eligible to receive food from a Food Outreach distribution?
All participating households are asked to register at the Food Outreach distribution. Eligibility is based upon a self-declaration of need. No proof of income or residence is required.

Is there a cost to host a Food Outreach distribution?
Yes. The host organization pays a nominal fee per pound of food delivered to the Food Outreach distribution to help offset the costs of transportation and handling. Cost is determined by the volume of food distributed.

Where can I get more information?
For more information, please contact North Country Food Bank, (218) 281-7356 or e-mail

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