About North Country Food Bank, Inc.

North Country Food Bank, Inc. is a non-profit agency that distributes over 4 million pounds of food products to more than 244 hunger relief agencies in northwest Minnesota and part of Grand Forks, North Dakota, on an annual basis. We provide good quality food and non-food products that have been donated locally and nationwide with the goal of meeting the basic needs and improving the nutritional well-being of the people served by our agencies. Annually, North Country Food Bank distributes 4 million pounds of food to agencies that serve families, seniors and children. North Country has responded wherever the need to alleviate hunger exists.

The amount of food distributed by North Country Food Bank increases each year as the number of people coming to our hunger relief agencies continues to increase. In Minnesota, children and seniors make up the majority of the people served by our member agencies. The face of hunger is not what most people think. In fact, the working poor are the fastest growing group of food shelf clients. 38% of households using food shelves report the family's major source of income is paid employment. Source: The State of Hunger in Minnesota, Hunger Solutions Minnesota.

Our member agencies provide assistance to people during their time of need. One employed, middle-aged man served by an agency in our service area said, "My wages are too low to buy food and pay my bills. One has to give. So, I pay my bills and hope I have something left to eat with." This is just one of the many types of needs we work together with our agencies to meet and fulfill on an ongoing basis.

North Country relies on many of successful partnerships with food wholesalers, retailers and others to supply food for distribution in its service areas. This surplus food would be wasted if not for the Food Bank’s services. Food and support come from major food manufacturers and distributors, churches, civic groups, businesses and private individuals.

Where there is a need for food assistance, North Country Food Bank has been there in the past, and will be there in the future. The dedicated staff of North Country Food Bank is working hard to develop systems and networks designed to do one thing - get food out to where it is needed. The need is clear. Our most exciting time is still ahead. We can’t do it without you. Please join us in our fight to end hunger in northwest Minnesota.

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